Asset Evaluation/BPO

IMG_0162We at Waterstone Multi-Family Group offer our clients our expertise, knowledge, and exceptional understanding of financial underwriting to very accurately estimate a tight range of current real time market value for their assets’ specific location and class.  Not only can we evaluate the present day value of the asset, but we have the staff and capabilities to be a trusted consulted partner who can look honestly and objectively to suggest areas of improvement in the many different aspects of operations; management, debt service, insurance costs, etc.  This multifaceted viewpoint serves our clients not only through an understanding of current value but also it provides a strategic guideline to maximize value for the future.

Disposition Brokerage

“It is said that a good attorney never asks a question that he already doesn’t office buildingknow the answer to”, so should it be in the world of disposition brokerage.  Waterstone Multi-Family Group takes the initial time to evaluate the property thoroughly and has one or more of our strategic lenders evaluate and underwrite the asset prior to ever taking the complex to market.  We then market the property to a large group of very prequalified buyers through our highly “scrubbed” database.  This database has been 13 years in the making and includes Reits, pension funds, hedge funds, large, small and individual investors, and previous applicants for Freddie/Fannie and CMBS debt.  Once the property goes under contract, we are in constant contact with buyer, seller, and the lender as we aggressively try to foresee potential problems, find solutions, and orchestrate the entire closing process.  Although this strategy is extremely rare and unique, we have perfected this approach and it has rewarded us with an incomparable high closing rate amongst the competition. Our clients and buyers are extremely pleased with an unsurpassed experience and the complete transaction driven focus as we maximize value for our clients while providing the buyer with a property that performs as we expected when analyzed and underwritten.

Acquisition Representation

When we find a potential investment opportunity for our clients, our goal is to treat their acquisition as if we were buying it ourselves.  In order to achieve this perspective, we begin by analyzing several years of financial statements, market conditions, local competition, and current local and regional fundamentals to indicate the current value as well as the potential of the real estate asset.  We study trends, gap analysis, and permitted developments in order to be able to completely understand not just the asset but the market.  After our thorough evaluation, we have our strategic allies give their industry specific assessment so that our clients will gain from their expertise and ability and that they may evaluate all aspects of the asset and then give feedback and direction when it comes to lending, management, operations, construction, engineering, analytics, and future disposition strategies.  When a property finally passes that many levels to become a potential acquisition, we use our experience and extensive knowledge to negotiate the most competitive pricing for our clients.