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Real estate currently favored over stocks

The preference for real estate investments compared to other asset classes such as stocks is strong right now, says Greg McBride, chief financial analyst. He notes that the 20% drop in the stock market last year rattled a lot of investors and that stocks haven't quite shed their stigma from the financial recession ten years ago, especially among Millennials. Read full story Read more

How Opportunity Zones Will Impact Real Estate Finance

The federal program is expected to fuel the development of small and midscale multifamily assets. Read full story Read more

Despite risks more REITs issuing commercial paper

REITs are increasingly issuing commercial paper because of their cheaper borrowing rates. There is a risk to using short-term debt obligations because lenders could suddenly lose confidence in them in an unexpected event such as a financial crisis. Read full story Read more

Fed chair testimony signals a possible rate cut

Fed Chair Jerome Powell told Congress Wednesday morning that the US economy has not improved in recent weeks, noting "that uncertainties around trade tensions and concerns about the strength of the global economy continues to weigh on the US economic outlook." The market is interpreting his remarks to mean that the Fed will cut its benchmark short-term interest rate later this month. Read full story Read more