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Multifamily demand strong in face of new supply

Housing starts rose 25.5% in October to a 1.32 million annualized rate, the fastest pace since August 2007, the Commerce Department reported. Multifamily starts rose 68.8%, and single-family starts were up 10.7%. Read full story Read more

What a Trump Administration Means for Banking Regulations

Although both the Dodd-Frank Act and Basel III international banking standards will be targets, it appears as though Dodd-Frank is the bigger priority. Read full story Read more

Places to Go for Development and Investment

The recently released “Emerging Trends in Real Estate, United States and Canada 2017” ranked Texas cities — Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth — first and second when it came to investment and development. Yet, also within the top-10 list were West Coast and Southeast metros. Read full story Read more

What the Trump Administration Means for the Apartment Market

Axiometrics: Expect tax reform, ACA changes, and a focus on supply-side economics. Read full story Read more

Trump win might signal end to low-interest-rate era

President-elect Donald Trump has said low interest rates distort markets, and he could seek to appoint Federal Reserve governors who share his view. Some economists think Trump's economic policies could spur growth and inflation, advancing the pace of rate increases, but others say Trump's ideas could lead to a recession. Read full story Read more