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Cap Rates Hold Steady Year Over Year for Q2 2016

Deals in pricier markets are rising, while nonmajor metros show stable price growth. Read full story Read more

Top Five Multifamily Investment Markets

Ten-X finds employment beating its recession low here by 17 percent, as the Research Triangle fuels job growth. Read full story Read more

Apartment REITs could shift back to acquisitions

Multifamily REITs appear ready to restart their acquisition activities -- as indicated by Mid-America Apartment Communities' deal to buy Post Properties for nearly $4 billion -- after a roughly six-month period when they were net sellers. Buying will increase, experts predict, because REITs' stock prices are up and their access to capital has improved. Read full story Read more

Credit Standards on Multifamily Debt Are Tightening

The share of federally insured depository institutions with an outstanding amount of multifamily residential debt on their balance sheets has risen while the amount of debt outstanding has remained stable. Read full story Read more