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Student housing strong despite huge new supply

Student-housing properties are fully occupied and delivering solid rent growth for this school year after a surge of development over the last two years that delivered 110,800 new beds, according to Axiometrics statistics. It was unclear whether all of these beds would be filled, but Axiometrics expects occupancy to end up around 96% for September -- an improvement from 94.4% in August 2014, according to Taylor Gunn, student-housing analytics lead. Read full story Read more

Real estate will deliver long-term returns, expert says

The decision not to raise interest rates this month doesn’t come as a surprise and they will inevitably go up, according to a podcast interview with Mark Roberts, head of strategy and research with Deutsche Asset Management. Real estate fundamentals are sound and should continue to deliver "at least average long-term returns," he says. Read full story Read more

Apartment Rents Grow Faster Than Incomes

The average employee isn’t getting a big raise this year—but apartment rents are growing more quickly than ever. Find out how this trend is affecting both market-rate and lower-income renters. Read full story Read more