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Rising Interest Rates and Seniors Housing: How Big a Threat?

For seniors housing, higher interest rates will change the economics of a transaction and will cause some investors and lenders to reconsider deals and opportunities Read full story Read more

2015’s Apartment Sales on Pace to Beat 2006

Despite a slowing second quarter for mid- and high-rise deals, transactions increased in the first half. MFE's Les Shaver reports. Read full story Read more

Fed requires major banks to hold more capital

The eight biggest banks in the U.S. have to hold significantly more capital to protect themselves from collapse under rules finalized by the Federal Reserve. Janet Yellen, head of the central bank, said the rules mean the firms must "either hold substantially more capital, reducing the likelihood that they will fail, or else they must shrink their systemic footprint, reducing the harm that their failure would do to our financial system." Read full story Read more

Class B Offers Choice Investments

They may not be the prettiest of properties, but B and C developments can yield attractive returns. Read full story. Read more

Eurozone leaders back Greek rescue plan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras have hammered out a rescue agreement for Greece that is unanimously supported by other eurozone leaders. European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted that a rescue program is ready and includes "serious reforms [and] financial support." Read full story   Read more

IMF reiterates call for Fed to delay interest-rate hike

The International Monetary Fund called on the Federal Reserve to delay raising interest rates until next year, warning that premature action could undermine the U.S. economy. The Fed has been signaling an increase this year, with strong June employment numbers strengthening its hand. Read full story   Read more

Greek Debt Crisis: Bad News for Greece, Good New for U.S. Real Estate?

U.S. real estate economists say the possibility of a “Grexit” will not have any substantial impact on commercial real estate investment in the U.S., and if it will, the impact is likely to be positive. Read full story Read more