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Class C Market Grows Tense as Prices Rise

The product's growing popularity may press buyers to seek yield in riskier markets and assets. Read full story Read more

Central bankers acknowledge downside of low rates

Six years of low interest rates have had worrisome consequences, including sparing governments from fixing their economies, hurting savers and increasing volatility, traders and central bankers say. Despite that, the world needs interest rates to remain flat, they say.  Bloomberg (11/7) Read full story Read more

Sales of Newly Built Apartments Hint at Speed of Cycle Maturity

As supply climbs to its peak, price per unit in primary markets is decelerating more quickly than in secondary markets. Read full story Read more

Cap Rates Hit Record Lows in 3Q

Overall cap rates are at 5.9 percent; for mid- and high-rises, they've shrunk to just 3.6 percent. Read full story Read more

U.S. homeownership continues to decline

The U.S homeownership rate continues its downward trend, even as the economy improves. The latest Census Bureau figures show the rate fell to 64.3% in the third quarter. As a result, the rental market is surging. The New York Times (tiered subscription model) (10/31) Read full story   Read more