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Demand for Apartments Proves Stronger Than Thought, Driven by Millennials

Good news for multifamily housing—demand for space is likely to be even stronger than experts estimated, helping the sector keep ahead of new construction for the immediate future, according to the Mid-Year Outlook 2104 from Freddie Mac Multifamily Research. “For a majority of the markets… new supply will continue to be absorbed as it enters the market and rents will continue to rise,” the agency’s researchers note. Apartment pros have been increasingly worried ... >>Click here for full story (NREI subscription required) Read more

Banks, Conduits Lead Lending Activity for CRE

It’s shaping up to be another big year for commercial and multifamily lending—especially for banks and conduit lenders, according to the latest figures from the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), an industry trade group. “Commercial and multifamily borrowing is running at about the same pace as 2013, even though the volume of loans maturing and needing to be refinanced is 23 percent lower than last year’s level,” says Jamie Woodwell, MBA’s vice president ... >>Click here for full story. (NREI subscription required) Read more