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Secondary & Tertiary markets to shine in 2014

St. Romain, managing director for capital markets at Chicago-based Jones Lang-Lasalle, sees a shift occurring as opportunities cool off in primary markets, and secondary markets become the shining stars of 2014...St. Romain is particularly interested in the Southeast and feels many markets in that area have a lot of depth and room for success. >>Click here for full story Read more

Apartment construction at an all-time high in Charlotte

Apartment construction in the Charlotte region has hit an all-time high, according to the latest report from research firm Real Data, with the average vacancy rate expected to rise during the next year...There are 10,067 apartments units under construction in the region — including 8,122 in Mecklenburg County — and an additional 11,003 units proposed, according to the firm’s latest report... >>Click here for full story Read more

Multi-Family’s Maximal Momentum

Multifamily in Charlotte and the Carolinas still has its mojo--lenders are still willing to lend for it, and investors are still looking to buy it because they both believe in the sector's upside for years to come...Demand for multifamily loans in the Carolinas continues to be strong in all sectors, as job growth strengthens and population growth expands... >>Click here for full story Read more

Investors Gaga Over Multi-Family

Which do investors want more in greater Charlotte, Class-A or Class-Bapartments? Neither, ARA principal Blake Okland tells us. They've been going after As for a while, but as those opportunities dwindle, Bs will do quite nicely. (The sale of Alpha-Bits cereal is also through the roof.) Blake says that 2012 and 2013 were dominated by new urban infill properties... >>Click here for full story Read more

North Carolina & Texas headline nation’s most affordable cities

Every few days there seems to be a new ranking of the "best" cities that features North Carolina locales, and here's a new one that takes into account affordability. Charlotte ranks fourth and Raleigh ranks sixth among the nation's six most affordable cities evaluated by consumer website Texas claims the top three and fifth spots. >> Click here for full story Read more