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Students’ Housing Choices Focus on Value

Yesteryear’s undergrads may have spent money frivolously, but today’s students, with the recession in their rear view mirror, are intent on curbing debt and getting the most for their rental dollar. The term “budget-conscious college student” might seem like an oxymoron, but nowadays it’s not. Today’s undergrads are more conscious of expenses than their predecessors.   » Click here for full story Read more

Five Unexpected Design Trends

We don't mean the skinny jeans and scarf your hipster neighbor wears—we're talking about features that make a Class-A multifamily property really pop in the luxury world. Humphreys & Partners Architects CEO Mark Humphreys shared the hottest amenities, David Letterman half-style. » Click here for full story Read more

CFO Survey Preview: Cap Rates to Rise Next Year

Jay Hiemenz is hopeful that the first markets into the recession are now, finally, making their way out. The Alliance Residential CFO is keeping a close eye on specific markets that may have room for growth. Phoenix-based Alliance is using a green movement to attract potential residents while employing aggressive research and development and marketing tools to keep NOI in the black..... » Click here for full story Read more